The Bill to Legaliza Marijuana Around the United States Essay

Section 1 This Bill will legalize marijuana around the United States to meet the public’s demand and allow the government full control of marijuana consumption and business.

Section 2 The Congress hereby finds and declares…

There has not been reported of any death case related to marijuana usage and overdose. Marijuana, called cannabis, is widely known around the nation and has spread through each street and alley. It can be legalized like other drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. It contains THC which can make people feel relaxed and high. When marijuana is legalized, it will allow the government better control of the drug. Also the government can tax marijuana, and those money could be spend on other policies. Studies have found that marijuana reduces health issues and pains. Twenty states and the District of Columbia have already legalized marijuana, and marijuana industries ask asking for the government to tax them. This means marijuana would create a new source of revenue. When marijuana is not legalize, there are lots of people in jails for marijuana consumption and carrying marijuana. People should be given the right whether they choose to consume marijuana or not, and they are responsible to the consequence afterward. In order to meet the public’s demand for marijuana, congress must pass a law legalizing marijuana on a national scale, which will reduce health issue and crime rate, increase revenues and allow people to take responsibility for their own actions.

Marijuana has been proven to be helpful to relieve certains pains and can also reduce health issues in the human body. The most common knowledge about marijuana is that it can be used to correlate with mental illness and can be used to treat symptoms of distress such as HIV, Alzheimer’s Disease and etc. Marijuana has shown to be effective in nausea caused by cancer chemotherapy, improve AIDS patient’s’ appetite, relieve intraocular pressure in people with glaucoma and also relieve muscle spasticity in patients with neurological disorders. Marijuana does not sound as harmful as people have said it, and it’s misleading the public. For example, the U.S federal government data has shown that the average THC in marijuana is less than five percent. Compare to Alcohol and tobacco, Marijuana does not cause strong addiction, cancer, heart problems, birth defect, emphysema, liver damages and ect. A recent 2009 populations case-control study found marijuana smoker that had smoked for over a 20 years period of time has shown a reduced risk of head and neck cancer. Without the effects of marijuana, the consumer is free from all memory issues but only cause short-term memory while under the influence of marijuana. Marijuana can reduce respiratory health hazard or spread of second hand smoking, since it can be consumed in non-smoking way and still have the same effect. Non-smoking hazard ways include using it as a spice for baking, flavor for drinking and etc. According to a 1997 UCLA school of Medicine study, volume 155 of the American Journal of Respiratory of Critical care Medicine, stated that both the continuing or the intermittent marijuana smoker showed any significantly different rates decline in lung function as compared to non-smoker. If marijuana were legalized, it will reduces health care cost by accidental injection of unsafe drug usage and reduce the possibility of overdose.

Marijuana is a cash crop and will be taxed to fund the government. When marijuana is legalized, the government can start taxing the industries and thus creating a new sources of revenue. Allowing marijuana to be used legally would also allow greater government control of marijuana access and regulation. Marijuana can come with warnings and labels just like alcohol and tobacco. According to the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, they estimated that legalizing marijuana would produce around $20 billion tax and $50 dollars per ounce. This does not included in the state and the local taxes. According to Rob Kampia, the executive director of the pro-legalization Marijuana Policy Project, industries are eager to pay tax, and there wouldn’t be any other industries like marijuana would generate billions of tax revenue. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon and Jared Polis of Colorado, democratic Representatives, addressed that marijuana would be taxed to help to pay for health treatment, law enforcement, policies and to repay the national debt. With the extra revenues, the government will be able to fund other programs, departments, policies, law enforcement programs, and reduce the national debt.

Marijuana law breakers are arrested for simple possession, and its causing problem to the society and the nation. Since 1990s, more than 17 million americans have been arrested and in 2010 alone, more than 746,000 people were arrested. 88% of them were simply possessed of marijuana and the other 12% were selling and manufacturing. Even though these law breakers had been arrested for low level crime yet they are enough to fill up the prisons. All those who have been arrested also pay taxes, and they love and support their family and country. Because of the recreational drug usage, it causes many children into foster home. Those children will not be loved as much as those who live with their parents and they will not have a pleasant environment to live in. Different races of marijuana users have been treated differently; in the revolution in Mexico, the government banned marijuana and believed that marijuana had made mexicans went mad which later was found to be false. According to a 2012 American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU report) blacks have a 3.7 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession and usage, and in countries with bad disparities, blacks were arrested 30 times more likely to be arrested compared to whites. Compare to other drug, Marijuana has never contributed to traffic accidents, since marijuana had little effect on car handling. This shows that marijuana does not caused consumers to break other laws, however it shows the consumer still have consciousness. While marijuana is illegal, lawbreakers are being arrested and it creates issues such as treating unfairly, and filling up prison spaces.

The citizens of United States are borned with legal rights and have the free wills to express themselves. they should be allowed to take responsibility of the their own action, and the government may warn the public but should not stop the public from doing so. Drug users exercise free will to choose whether use marijuana or not and the government does not have the rights to dictate them. The Prohibition of marijuana takes away some personal freedom from the people, and the country should respect individual’s free will and self-determination. Recreational drug has no obvious bad influence on anyone other than the user himself or herself. Who ever choose to use marijuana also choose to take risk of their own life. Dutch citizens are allowed to buy and consume marijuana when they are over eighteen, and it has found that the rate of marijuana use are lower in Netherlands than in the U.S. Compare to other drug users, marijuana users have never had used any other illicit drugs that have bad impact on human body. According to a federal institute of Medicine study in 1999, less than 10% of marijuana user ever meet the clinical criteria for dependence and compare to the 32% of tobacco users and 15% of alcohol user. The public should be given the free will to exercise marijuana and in order to do some individuals must take consequence of their own actions.

Due to the public’s demand for the legalization of marijuana, and they are willing to take responsibility. The government should legalize marijuana, and it will create revenue, fewer arrests for breaking marijuana related laws and reduce the healthcare cost. In order for it to happen, Congress must pass the bill for legalizing marijuana, and Congress must also create way to enforce it.

Section 3 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled that this act be entitled Legalization of Various Effects(L.O.V.E)

To allow the public from using marijuana for personal purpose, medical purpose and

also for government purpose, the new law will be issued by the federal government,

and marijuana will be legal to own and consume in the United States. Only Licensed

company would be allowed to sell and manufacture marijuana. In order to earn a

license, the person must take Marijuana prep classes up to 12 unit, and must earn a

grade of B and higher. License will be renew every year through mail only and will

be sent to the Drug Enforcement Administration. For the consumers they also need

to get a license in order to purchase marijuana. The requirements will be that user

must be 18 and older, no background of drug issues, and pass the

Self-Determination Test(SDT). The SDT is a test where users will be given certain

amount of marijuana, and in the end the consumer must have at least half of the

marijuana still. This will prove the consumer to be able to control themselves and not

to overdose. After users are licensed, they will be allowed to purchase 5 grams of

marijuana per day. There are some limits to marijuana consumption which is it shall

not be consumed in the public but only in designated areas or in private areas. The

cost of this bill will be 3.6 billions and will be funded by the federal government on

the first stage which is the first year. Every stage after that will be funded by the

taxation of marijuana. Drug Enforcement Administration(DEA) will be administering

the policies and new enforcement division as well as tax division will be created

alongside DEA. Department of Justice will stop marijuana import and export and

will keep marijuana from going out of control. The Food and Drug Administration will

regulate the marijuana price and drug quality. The acts of selling marijuana to

underage, selling marijuana to other unauthorized countries, overdose, using

marijuana in public and harming other will be illegal. Violating any of the above will

be fine of $50,000 and a jail time of 3 weeks. If one keeps violating this law for more

than 3 times will lead to the ultimate removal of license permanently.

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