The History and Possible Legalization of Marijuana Essay

There has never been a death from marijuana overdose. “A person would have to smoke 20,000 to 40,000 times the amount of THC in a joint to overdose” (Wing). Marijuana was classified as an illegal drug in 1970, because it can be abused very easily (“infoplease”). Marijuana was then grown indoors. Marijuana is illegally used by many people daily. Marijuana should be legalized because it is naturally grown and can be used to help cancer patients, relieve stress, and be used daily.

Cannabis or typically referred to as marijuana is a drug that contains many other chemicals some are like a penicillin. Marijuana helps with many illnesses and diseases such as muscle spasms, nausea chemotherapy, weight loss from HIV, seizures, and crohn’s disease. Marijuana causes you to feel great feelings of well-being.

Marijuana helps with muscle spasms and, many people with multiple sclerosis have said that when they smoke marijuana it relieves their pain. They have done many experiments and tests and 70 percent of people said it relieved their pain. Marijuana helps with loss of appetite because the THC in it stimulates your appetite. Marijuana also helps with HIV for the same reason it stimulates your appetite and causes you to eat more. Marijuana can help seizures because patients who have used marijuana say that they have reduced seizures and fewer headaches. Marijuana helps crohn’s disease because it helps to achieve complete remission (“theweedblog”).

During the 1550’s, Spanish settlers brought marijuana to America. In the 1890’s, cotton replaced marijuana as a crop. During the 1920’s, marijuana began to take over because of Prohibition. Marijuana became used recreationally by Jazz musicians to be called “Reefer songs.” Clubs known as “Tea Pads” began establishing in popular cities. Authorities had no problem with the marijuana usage due to the fact that it was not yet illegalized. The recreational users did not disturb the community or cause problems, so marijuana was not considered a problem to society (“History of Marijuana”).

Marijuana was considered as a Schedule I drug, due to having no medical use. In Mexico during the 1970’s, the government chose to destroy the marijuana plants by spraying it with a toxic herbicide named Paraquat. The recreational users in Mexico were more worried about the toxins inside the plant due to the chemical destruction. Strict laws were passed due to possession of marijuana. People then relied on smuggled drugs.

During the 1980’s, marijuana farms in America were being watched by the Drug Enforcement Administration. Since the DEA watched the farms, cultivators began to grow the plant in smaller, indoor green houses to make smaller plants that yielded more products. In the 1990’s most teenagers were beginning the trend of smoking marijuana (“History of Marijuana”).

Marijuana is a good source of fiber and has been used for decades. Marijuana was first used in China as a medical treatment. It was used in North America for fiber. Marijuana was legal for medical uses from 1860 until 1942. It is known as a gateway drug. Many people believe that “marijuana is a powerful addictive drug that would lead users into narcotics” (“infoplease”). It is a proven fact that marijuana is a physical addiction not a mental addiction. Many people believe that marijuana leads to lung cancer it does not. Also they think marijuana destroys brain cells, but it actually works to protect brain cells (“Marijuana vs Alcohol”). Marijuana should be a personal decision of any person.

Many people think that marijuana should be illegal but it is much safer than alcohol. Marijuana is illegal because many people believe that marijuana is linked to aggressive crimes such as rape and murder, but it is a fact that marijuana relaxes the body (“social impact of marihuana use”). Marijuana used is believed to damage the brain but it does not. It is also believed to be linked to cancer but it is not (“Marijuana Vs Alcohol”). Cannabis works to protect brain cells. Marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol.

Marijuana only affects the individual that uses it. Marijuana can be eaten, vaporized, and smoked. All marijuana changes how the brain functions it relaxes the body and mind (“Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition”). Marijuana can’t be that bad because president Obama admitted to smoking marijuana and now he is the president. Marijuana can help society because it can be sold like cigarettes and can help the economy grow. Individuals can use it recreationally daily to have fun and relieve stress. It also affects society because it can help cancer patients. Marijuana affects society in many good ways.

Marijuana is slowly becoming legal in states. This issue is being solved slowly. More states are legalizing marijuana, such as Colorado and California. Police officers still will arrest people who are high while driving. They are trying to test out if marijuana should be legalized nationally by making it legal in Colorado and California. There would be a less people in jail if marijuana was legal. Marijuana is legal in Colorado and California but is not legal on a federal level (“Obama Marijuana”).

If marijuana was legalized it would have a great effect on the economy. Colorado grossed more than 5 million dollars in tax and regulated sales within the first week of opening a dispensary. Since Colorado has opened dispensaries, it has opened the eyes of many politicians to listen to voters who show a great want for marijuana legalization. Marijuana legalization can be a great stimulus for the economy and will also keep Americans from being unjustly sentenced for such a petty crime. Studies have shown a predicted 10 billion dollar industry by 2018 (“Huffington post”). It is supposed to be such a big business because of the government can tax it.

Most Americans are enraged that marijuana is considered as bad to have as heroin and LSD. About 750,000 people are arrested for marijuana each year, with just more than 650,000 of them having it in their possession. In New York, congressmen are debating whether New York should become the third state to legalize marijuana. They are hoping to fully legalize and tax the plant. Some people do not think that this will happen because marijuana is not even legal for medicinal uses. The governor of New York is trying to loosen laws on marijuana and allow ill patients access to marijuana medically. Marijuana has been decriminalized, yet, harsh punishment still exists. Even though marijuana seems to be becoming legal for medical purposes, it does not look like it will be legalized for recreational use (“Huffington post”).

Marijuana can be medically used to help many people due to it being the best reliever of stress and can help cancer patients. Marijuana is safer than alcohol, has many good uses, and is safer for the body. Even though people of America can use and abuse marijuana, it still helps the people that need it the most.

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