The Importance of Legalizing Marijuana

When was it considered bad to smoke. Many do it but are condemned to certain parameters. Cigarettes as well as cigars, but lets not leave the ones who smoke marijuana. When was it decided that smoking tobacco is okay when composed of multiple chemicals and the plant, but something that is mostly grown naturally is bad. Controversy over whether marijuana should be legalized has been a hot topic issue since decades ago but not many want to deal with it since many see it as a too taboo of a topic. It is arguable that both are bad but why not legalize it in an aspect of growing and prosperity,as in the medical field, also regarding the government, and also for the fact of recreational use as that of tobacco.

We deny that it is good but also only show the negativity of what it does. We have a problem and only way to solve it is to legalize marijuana. Looking upon the structure for it nowadays, it is deemed bad and a waste of money trying to stop the use. Medical advances are being made but not everyone supports maybe great-grandparents will support it, but who else. Recreationally it doesn’t benefit but it would not do harm either only to the users and the ones around it while smoking it. The government is putting this hot button issue aside but when will it be okay to talk about legalization of marijuana. Once all the other problems are solved no. This leads into how the government actually harms this problem more than anyone.

The government has multiple ways of advertising that marijuana is bad and so on. If it were to be legalized how much would one of the ads save the government on revenue. It also “would burden the criminal system” (Marijuana) On the contrary, it would decrease inmates by an “estimate of 7500,000” people in jail and save state tax money. This would also help the economic status and make it become for stable because of saved revenue. This does not refer to the government is not stable or does not have enough revenue but that the reinforcements being used are not working. The policy of controlling this drug should be left to the government, and also state but both should be in communion with each other to handle this matter as well as the Food and Drug Act to be able to control the medical part but all work together.

Medical marijuana is a growing research but not many are being funded because it is not worth the study due to the legality and damage towards the human body. Many do not know in reality that it is useful. Marijuana “treat conditions including pain and nausea caused by HIVAIDS, cancer, and other conditions,” that people rarely know (Drug). Also no one “ has been linked to any cancer(Sidney). Medical advancement are “showing that marijuana’s benefits” (Drug). People do not use many medical its commonly used recreational.

The main point for legalization issues abrupt from the recreational use. Why can some population smoke tobacco but not marijuana. Its a bias social outcast that you can smoke one and not the other. Recreationally, this use to be part of the everyday norm for people in the 1920’s and before that, until it became illegal. How come alcohol came back to be legal when it was already illegal and that records more deaths than marijuana user. There is no benefit recreationally for alcohol not even medically. Recreational it would just be the same enjoy here and there. If legalized recreational use would decrease because of the policy in place to control it. All those statistics in which “one in sixteen grade 12 students reported marijuana use on a daily basis,” would decrease(Finn). Another benefit would increase tax revenue since it will be taxed and controlled by the government recreationally of course.

The effects of legalizing would benefit all three aspects the government, medically and recreational. The would effect in a positive manner in that the government would create jobs and create more tax revenue income. While maintaining control of the marijuana. Medically this effects research as well as patients. More research could be done without the negative effect of people looking down on the studies found to even more beneficial purposes of marijuana. This could also save lives of patients. Patients not just one control group getting the alternative medicine in this case to continue fighting with the chemotherapy. If legalized the effect would result in a “campaign to reduce the risk of abuse and to discourage first use”(Inciardi). This would be a behavioral approach to reduce use as well as abuse of marijuana another benefit instead of “It’s just bad.”

In conclusion, the beneficial effects would outweigh those of the negative effects. Thinking of the facts and analyzing the legalization of marijuana would benefit more than harm the government, the medical field, and recreational use. So why something that has medical use and would create less imprisonments of recreational use be determined illegal just because its “bad.”

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